Educational Trusts

I would like to thank the trustees of the Aldworth’s Educational Trust for the award of £250.  This is through the generosity of Sir Richard Aldworth, a Basingstoke benefactor, who in 1646 left a legacy to be used for the education of young people in Basingstoke.

I would also like to thank the trustees of the Queen Mary’s College Foundation for the award of £250.  The Queen Mary’s College Foundation was originally the Queen Mary’s School Foundation, which was responsible for administering the former Queen Mary’s Grammar School.  The Grammar School traced its history back to a charter granted by Queen Mary in 1556.  In 1972, the school closed, and the sixth form college opened, taking the old school name.  The Foundation, therefore, has close links with Queen Mary’s College, but is an entirely separate organisation. Today, there are 10 Foundation Governors, elected from various public organisations, who meet 4 times a year to ensure that assets are invested carefully to generate income. This income is used to support young people in their pursuit of education by the award of grants.